How to Control Your Subconscious Mind

If you need to understand how we can tap into the powers of our subconscious mind and use them, then you’re in the correct spot. In this post we’re going to discuss about the fundamental terms associated with its strength and subconscious mind, how it’s going to impact your future times to come, and a few correct thoughts and the misinterpretation about it.

A Fair Warning – Underlying Problem

It is of utmost important to learn how to reprogram the subconscious mind fast if you want to live a satisfied life. It can be the difference in you being able to achieve the desired results Vs you not being able to even see the shadow of those results (metaphorically speaking!). Getting it right the first time is a skill that oblivious to the majority and hence we’re going to focus on this.

Important Clarification – Your Subconscious is a Gold Mine

You may be wondering why I began by stating what isn’t appropriate before saying what’s appropriate, right? If you’re confused or doubtful, I’d like to tell you something that I’ve learned in my life. And that is – learning the art of not doing stuff Vs doing.
Lost? I am going to throw some light on it. Think of this for a minute: to discover the value of anything, just let it go from your life and then see the outcome. Achieving success is possible if you follow a specific path and have a specific recipe to follow while walking on the path.
Now the thing that you don’t understand is that you will lose out on so many things and opportunities in life if you don’t know what the correct recipe is and what the correct path is. I have a question for you – why should we be determined to learn and what exactly is this subconscious power that everybody keeps on talking about? Unless we can break down this question into little parts, the response of the question will be a bit too elaborate.

Your Mind is equivalent to the motherboard of the computer.

As far as the “subconscious” is concerned, if we are not able to define our ‘aware thoughts’, then we won’t be able to define our subconscious.
The conscious mind is dependent on our senses. It’s basically what we feel, visualize and believe towards any particular activity in our life, while the subconscious mind is our knowledge about an activity that’s outside our present state.
It’s very beautifully described – “Your brain is a gold mine. You just need to be a good digger and should be able to extract gold from it”
These exercises may contain some form of positive self avowal, the ability to visualize and self hypnosis.

law of attraction and love

Law of Attraction and Relationships

There is always a war going on in the minds of people of there are any laws governing to an individual’s love life. I’m here to reveal the secret.

If you apply the Law of Attraction for relationships and love, it will work regardless of your pre-existing belief system.

It is about using the connection, attuning to that for your own energy, and becoming aware of your internal state. When using the law of attraction, you must quit focusing if your relationships or your love life is working or not right now.

Vibrational Frequency & Autosuggestion

The law of interest will bring you more experiences where you do not have love, but only if you believe that you will never find love. Do not look as it now, but visualize emotionally and try to imagine how you intend it to be in your real life.

It is possible to do various things to make an effort to enhance your relationship, but if they can be carried out when you’re feeling unhappy, upset, frustrated, or disappointed, you won’t be able to send the correct kind of vibrational frequency to bring a major positive development. You may only be able to put across the oscillation of disappointment, rage, depression, or discouragement. This is where the role of autosuggestion comes into play and things fall in place by proper understanding and implementation.

So, if you want your own partner to be considerate and understanding, you should be considerate and understanding. That is why your frequency is so significant for results to show up in real life.

This topic is vastly covered at a website that highlights the process of autosuggestion, the missing ingredient in the law of attraction (known as destiny tuning) and the secrets of subconscious mind in great detail.

Change Things for the Good

It’s possible for you to use this process of attraction and improve your relationship and to turn things around. The greatest way to start will be to do the reverse of what you happen to be likely doing right now that isn’t working. Instead, focus on what’s going between you and what you do enjoy.

Overcoming Negativity & Staying Committed

Couples begin their relationships believing kind toward each other and positive, upbeat ideas which are forgiving. Afterwards, obligations and expectations crop up in their lives and unnecessary disputes arise. When it does, negative vibrations are sent by negative thoughts creep into the image and individuals to one another. Because of this, they bring unhappiness into their lives.

Your emotions come out of your ideas, which affect your understanding seeing your relationship. The procedure for establishing gets easier with practice and time.

You should give your 100% commitment so that you can make your relationship work and both partners are able to give attention to contentedness and happiness. In this process, don’t lose track of common sense. This is a vast subject and is best described in another post. Stay tuned 🙂